Bringing you all the new recipes for Cooking Light 

New Recipes

Bringing you all the New Recipes

Whether you are interested in the traditional low fat diet or the popular low carb diet, there are recipes here for you. Do you want breakfasts or even desserts to help you lose weight? You have a number of them to choose from. Are you considering flirting with muscle building, raw food or the Paleo diet, this book offers a small glimpse into a few of those recipes.


Who says eating a healthy diet has to taste bad and not be enjoyed?  Just because you need to eat healthier does not mean you have to sacrifice taste.  The recipes within this book are delicious, easy to fix, and are healthy and light.  There are many reasons people need to diet, but the number one reason should be to be healthier.  Whether you are dieting to be healthier, to lose weight, to manage blood sugar issues, or just because you will find delicious light recipes within this book, enough in fact to help you plan a menu for a couple of weeks without ever repeating a meal.  Why eat light recipes?

Eat Light Recipes for Better Health

Eating healthy light foods helps to make the body healthier.  The ingredients in these recipes are all healthy and nutritious choices.  Good wholesome food gives the body plenty of nutrients.  These nutrients work to strengthen the immune system.  If the immune system is good and strong it is able to fight off most illnesses and germs, or it can fight it off better.  Free radicals attack the immune system and can cause things like heart disease and cancers.  The antioxidants in food help to fight these free radicals.

Eating Light Recipes Help to Fight Heart Disease

Heart disease is a big killer and often it can be prevented or at the very least treated through dieting alone.  The recipes within this book contain healthy nutrients that help the body to fight heart disease naturally.  If you already have heart disease, it will help to treat it and if you do not have it, it may help to prevent it.

Help to Prevent and Control High Blood Pressure through Diet

In some cases, dieting alone can help bring high blood pressure levels to normal.   High blood pressure stems from several different reasons, a few of which dieting can help to prevent and treat.  High blood pressure can be a result of a high salt diet.  In this case, the recipes in this book have minimal amounts of salt and in any case, you can manually control the amount of salt you add to your light recipes.  High blood pressure can be the result of excessive body fat.  There again, this is an easy solution, simply lose the weight.  High blood pressure may be a genetic thing, and in this case, diet may aid in the control of it.

Lose Weight and Maintain Weight Loss Through Eating Light Recipes Being overweight causes a host of problems with the health if the weight is not controlled.  By losing excessive body fat and weight, you can help to treat and prevent many different health conditions.  Weight loss happens through a diet change and eating good food that is whole fruits and vegetables and lean proteins with whole grains.  The best way to make the diet work for weight loss and weight maintenance is to make it a permanent lifestyle change

If you have too much weight and body fat then you can lose it by dieting.  But if you had a habit of eating foods high in unhealthy carbs, sugars, refined flours, and saturated fats, then chances are you are addicted to the very foods that have caused your weight issues.  You must completely stop consuming these foods and replacing them with the healthier foods found in the light recipes in this book.  Going cold turkey with this is not wise because if you just suddenly stop eating these foods your body will rebel.  The cravings will be wild and you will feel the side effects of weaning from junk food too fast.   You must take this part slow and allow your body time to stop a bad habit and develop a good habit.  

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